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Weekly meetings are held in the community and federal institutions to provide a forum for free and open discussions of problems addressed to support individuals in becoming non-offending members of society. The volunteer would be assisting the individual who has been disconnected from family, friends and his community. The volunteer will have the opportunity to model a healthy lifestyle and to assist in the change process.

Volunteers will be required a minimum one year commitment to the program, they are also required to pass a security clearance and there will be some travelling involved.

Core Group Volunteer


This position requires the volunteer to have an opportunity to assist in helping individuals with the self-help process in Institutional and Street Core Group meetings. He/she will help The Outreach Worker to provide members with honest, constructive feedback on attitudes and behaviour. The volunteer would be working directly with the Outreach Worker.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:



  • To attend orientation and training program provided for volunteers by the Alberta Seventh Step Society.

  • Volunteer must be able to commit to a minimum of one year.

  • Some traveling will be involved.

  • To attend meetings in the community and Institutions

  • To become familiar with the seventh step self-help philosophy.

  • To provide a positive role model and to be able to conduct themselves in a responsible ethical manner and abide by the rules of the self-help groups.

  • The Volunteer is accountable to the Community Services Coordinator

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Is eligible for the necessary Federal and Provincial levels of security clearances

  • Is eligible to be voted into the Core Group as a full member

  • Is an enthusiastic advocate of the Seventh Step Society, its mission, and its vision

  • Possesses strong communication skills orally and in writing

  • Demonstrates the ability to interact appropriately with clients

  • Capable of demonstrating positive, supportive confrontation skills with clients

  • Has a working knowledge of group dynamics and is culturally sensitive

  • Possesses a clearly defined sense of ethics and is aware of professional and personal boundaries with clients

  • The volunteer, He/she is empathetic to the challenges of others still involved with or attempting to leave the criminal lifestyle

Risk Management:


  • Must maintain a high level of integrity and be perceived by members as trustworthy. This is achieved by following through on commitments, respecting confidentiality, and seeing the member’s value and as possessing the potential for change

  • Ensure that positive relationships with Correctional partners in the Institutions and in the community are cultivated and maintained, acknowledging the fact that they are bound by their own policies and procedures

  • Be aware of boundaries with members and clients. Be ever mindful of the potential for manipulation the development of inappropriate relationships

  • Failure to attend to the above may also compromise the safety of the Outreach Worker, volunteers, clients, and members

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