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taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility

The Alberta Seventh Step Society’s Taking Responsibility program was developed to assist parolees in achieving and maintaining their freedom in the community. It provides the men and women with a chance to take a realistic look at their behaviour and how their choices led them to trouble with the law and in jail.

In a group setting, the men and women will begin to understand their thought processes and how this can affect their attitude and behaviour. Alongside likeminded peers, there is a non- judgemental group where they can discuss their mistakes, resentments, and how they plan to make positive change. Participants will be challenged to push past their justifications and rationalizations for self-destructive behaviour.


Throughout the course of the program many topics will be discussed openly, such as:

  • Freedom

  • Realistic thinking

  • What it means to be accountable and take responsibility

  • What is the truth about oneself

  • Positive and negative status, emotions, and values

  • What contributes to distorted thinking patterns

  • Letting go in order to move forward

  • Damage of resentments

  • Goal setting

  • Importance of helping others

Taking responsibility is about encouraging participants to be accountable for their past, present, and future decisions. The participants will be encouraged and challenged to be reflective about their strengths and weaknesses and how these can be their success or their downfall. It is having the confidence to take charge of one’s life and believe they have the ability to make the necessary changes to stay out of prison.

For More Information Contact:

Laurel Carlson

Community Services Manager

(403) 228-7778 ext. 104

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