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Self help core groups

Self Help Core Groups

The Alberta Seventh Step Society Core Groups provide a forum where offenders can take a realistic look at their behaviours and utilize peer support to foster changes in their thinking and attitudes. Or focus is at all times to change the negative behaviour of the membership with the recidivist being the prime candidate. This is done through learning accountability, discussion of ones’ strengths and weaknesses, and how to use their strengths to help move out of the lifestyle that continues to bring them into the justice system. The membership is continually challenged to push past justifications and rationalizations for self-destructive behaviour as well as begin to understand that sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve and maintain freedom in the community.


The group also assists offenders with goal setting, realistic planning for their release and future, pre- release planning, and preparation for parole hearings. We believe that by building realistic plans and expectations, offenders can begin to envision their freedom and believe it is manageable by way of stronger sense of self, higher levels of motivation, and self-confidence.


We are not a social function, nor are we a social action group for offender right’s or system changes. The membership makes a commitment to change their lives and accepts the triad of membership as equals. This triad includes the non-offender, ex-offender, and current offender with the belief that everyone can learn and grow as individuals through others’ perspectives and experiences. These meetings are closed to visitors; the potential member must be sponsored by an active member to attend. Sincerity in commitment is shown through attendance of four consecutive meetings, whereby the group will vote on membership.

For More Information Contact:

Laurel Carlson

Community Services Manager

(403) 228-7778 ext. 104

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