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programs and services

self-help core groups

Based on the Seven Steps, weekly meetings of offenders are held to provide a forum for free and open discussions about barriers to establishing and maintaining one's freedom. Groups are held in the community as well as federal penitentiaries. 

Public legal education
The personal experiences of ex-offenders are utilized to deglamorize crime and the criminal lifestyle. The speakers are available free of charge to all groups, schools, service clubs and churches throughout Alberta. Our program has been funded entirely by the Alberta Law Foundation for over 40 years.


A 35-bed facility which houses adult male offenders and provides a supportive environment transitioning from incarceration into the community. The primary goal of the Halfway House is to assist with and support residents with their plans for successful reintegration into the community. Caseworkers assume oversight of residents 24/7. Referrals are made through Correctional Services of Canada and are subject to acceptance by the CRF.


An eight-week reintegration and life skills program available to men and women involved in the justice system. Taking Responsibility is an 8-week module program ran by the Community Services Coordinator. Upon referral, individuals are required to attend a two-hour session, once per week, for the eight weeks. Certificates of completion are distributed upon completion.

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