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The Seventh Step CRF is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by four full-time Caseworkers, two Overnight Caseworkers, several casual staff and managed by the Residence Team Leader. Residents and CRF staff are supported by the Outreach Worker and the Community Services Coordinator to identify and assist with further needs of the offender. All staff work closely with Correctional Services of Canada as well as many other local community agencies to provide the best aid for successful reintegration of adult federal male offenders.


Weekly meetings are held in the community and federal institutions to provide a forum for free and open discussions of problems addressed to support individuals in becoming non-offending members of society. The volunteer would be assisting the individual who has been disconnected from family, friends and his community. The volunteer will have the opportunity to model a healthy lifestyle and to assist in the change process. Volunteers will be required a minimum one year commitment to the program, they are also required to pass a security clearance and there will be some travelling involved.

Board of directors

The Alberta Seventh Step Society is a not-for-profit organization overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.
If interested in further information or application to join the Board of Directors,
please contact
 or by phone at 403-228-7778, Ext 103.

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