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Community residential facility

Community Residential Facility

The Alberta Seventh Step Society’s Community Residential Facility (CRF) was initiated by Patrick Graham, an ex-offender who first pursued the Seventh Step philosophy as a way to change his own life. In 1975, The Alberta Seventh Step opened their first Halfway House within the YWCA and housed 11 individuals. It was decided that a larger facility would be required and a permit to construct their own facility was submitted. On July 3, 1977 the doors to The Alberta Seventh Step’s very own Community Residential Facility were opened and this location continues in operation to date. Halfway Houses bridge an important gap for offenders between institutional care and the community. Gradual, appropriately supervised reintegration combined with the necessary goals and treatment plans reduces recidivism thereby decreasing risk and increasing community safety.

The CRF is a thirty-five bed facility which house adult male offenders transitioning from Federal incarceration into the community. Offender residency is mandated by the Parole Board of Canada on Day Parole, Full Parole, Statutory Release and Long-Term Supervision Orders. Referrals for residency are directed from Correctional Services of Canada (Calgary Parole) and the Alberta Solicitor General (Young Offender Branch).

The main purpose of the Halfway House is to assist with and support residents with their community reintegration plans. Key goals of the program are for residents to learn and hold the necessary attitudes, beliefs, and skills to live a pro-social lifestyle and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. Employment is a major focus of the CRF and all residents are required to maintain full-time work, be actively engaged in schooling and/or attend mandated programming. Excluded from the program are those individuals with significant mental health issues, known informants, and offenders with convictions that are sexual in nature. Residents are responsible for following conditions of their Parole, in addition, to all rules and expectations of the structured CRF program.

The CRF is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by four full-time Caseworkers, two Overnight Caseworkers, several casual staff and managed by the Residence Team Leader. Residents and CRF staff are supported by the Outreach Worker and the Community Services Coordinator to identify and assist with further needs of the offender. All staff work closely with Correctional Services of Canada as well as many other local community agencies to provide the best aid for successful reintegration.

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For More Information Contact:

Allen Spence

Community Residential Facility Manager

(403) 228-7778 ext. 122

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