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Knowing that my freedom depends on my thoughts and actions, I hereby pledge:
To face and accept the truth about myself. To maintain my freedom. To become a useful member of society. To help others as I am now being helped.

the seventh step pledge

the Alberta Seventh

Step Society

The Alberta Seventh Step Society is a private, not for profit society duly licensed and overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Society was started by Patrick Graham in Drumheller Institution in 1971 and became a non-profit corporation on June 13, 1974. The Community Residential Facility (halfway house) in Calgary has been operating since 1977.  We provide a wide range of pre and post-release services for federal offenders. 


“The self-help concept was new to me but had particular relevance as I’d been convicted of property offences and sentenced to jail plus probation. I quickly found that Seventh Step was a way of life and a positive road map for living. Participation in self-help groups assisted me to develop leadership skills and gave me a sense of purpose. Seventh Steps isn’t for everyone; but for those who have a sincere desire to change and better themselves, it is a definite formula for success.” - George M.